How OwnUp increased their content velocity with Ties
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Key Takeaways

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Increased Content Velocity

Ties enabled OwnUp to increase content velocity and diversity by sourcing 30+ pieces of content per month.

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105 assets sourced through Ties

OwnUp creators have skin in the game with recurring bulk deals. Consistent income for creators is a game changer.

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Creator Dream Team

After testing out creators OwnUp found content creators they wanted to grow with.

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My time is money. Ties has been a huge time saver for me — with the ease of just having to share a link.

Sam Wilder

UX Content Strategist


OwnUp is a tech startup disrupting the mortgage space by helping consumers borrow with confidence to buy a home. Educating consumers on how to better finance a home takes a lot of content.

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The Challenge

The OwnUp marketing team needed a way to generate short-form video to grow their organic TikTok, Reels, YouTube shorts and produce digital ad content for Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok ads. Without a system in place this was a time consuming project for the marketing team.

The Solution

Through Ties, OwnUp has tested 8 creators and sourced well over a 100 short-form video assets. They’ve identified their creator dream team - a diverse group of creators who have proven their ability to drive results and are the face of OwnUp’s page. Each dream team member represents a different key demographic OwnUp hopes to attract.

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The Result

OwnUp has produced new top-performing ads, and launched their TikTok page from 0 to 3.3k followers. Leveraging their content pipeline built on Ties they’ve been able to grow through organic and paid channels.

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