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Onboard, manage and pay any creator in seconds to consistently get content your brand owns.

7-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

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Partner with any creator using a Ties partnership link.

Automate offers, contracts, payments and content feedback + approval.

Generate high quality assets at scale.

Leave the spreadsheets and email threads behind.

Know how much content to expect each month.

Get notified when action is needed.

How it works

Sign up
for Ties.

Sign up for Ties.

Fill out your profile and enter your payment method for paying creators.

Invite your creators or post in our community to find creators.

Create an
Offer Link

Create an Offer Link

Invite any creator to a partnership by sharing a Ties link.

Source content at a price you negotiate, on the cadence you want.

Start Receiving Content

Review, approve, and download your content.

Cancel or adjust partnerships whenever. Your content pipeline is ready to go!

We know what it feels like

Every day we talk to creators who are ghosted, gaslit, and even robbed of their work.

As marketing freelancers ourselves, we feel your pain and want to help you build a more consistent business. Long-term relationships are best for everyone, there just hasn’t been the ecosystem to support it, until now.


Try Ties for Free

7-day free trial. Cancel anytime.


Automate collaboration with creators including negotiation, collaboration, payments, and legal.
Partnership links to retain creators and increase content production.
No limits on content, creators, or seats.

Using Ties has probably saved me 8-10 hours a week.
I can't recommend it highly enough.

Kyle Price

Founder of Sauces by Jrk

It would be unthinkable of us to get that volume of content without Ties.

Sam Scofy


Ties unlocks a new variable for us: creators. It was about what works, but now it is about who works.

Max Langlois

Founder of Hype10, Invested

Payments are perfect! Literally the fastest I've gotten paid from a brand. :)

Natalie Garces

Ties, Creator

Worry free uploads and payments. My goal is to work exclusively through the Ties app.

Sarah Carter

Ties, Creator

The Ties app is an absolute lifesaver for working with UGC creators! It makes everything really straight forward for the creators as well as marketers. Really appreciate the amazing team behind the app and how quick they are to action any feedback.

Leyla Najafli

Ties, Creator

Ties Ecosystem


Open networking among brands and creators.


Invite anyone to a partnership by sharing a special link.  Automate the entire workflow.


Pay extra to get help deploying content across paid and organic channels.


Exclusive mental wellness benefits and educational resources.