How Ties helped HOLOS cut their customer acquisition cost by 20% in 60 days
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Key Takeaways

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20% CAC

HOLOS decreased their customer acquisition cost by 20% on Ties

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Accelerated Content Velocity

Ties enabled HOLOS to increase content velocity and diversity by testing 10 creators, and sourcing 45+ pieces of content per month.

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Better Incentives Leads to Higher Quality Content

Through Ties, HOLOS creators have skin in the game with recurring bulk deals. Consistent income is the holy grail for creators, they don’t want to lose this!

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I can see the Ties community is growing fast - you guys are doing something great, that’s for sure.

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Guillaume Lamontagne

Digital Marketing Lead, HOLOS

The amount & quality of UGC that Ties has enabled for Holos has made scaling their paid media program frictionless for us

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Max Langlois

Founder & CEO HYPE10


HOLOS founders wanted to help others optimize their health by sharing their “super breakfast” with the world. Facebook advertising is the main channel that HOLOS uses to educate consumers and acquire customers.

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The Challenge

Sam’s digital marketing team lead by Guillaume Lamontagne was struggling to continuously source enough creator content for their organic feed and paid channels. Their paid social efforts were being negatively impacted by not having enough short-form videos.

The HOLOS marketing team then set out to source content from creators but soon learned that it was a very time consuming process which stretched their lean marketing team tight. The process was very messy and time consuming.

The Solution

Using Ties allowed the HOLOS team to streamline testing out 10 content creators. After testing creators they picked which creators they wanted to work with on a long term basis.

The HOLOS team quickly built out their content pipeline, sourcing 45+ assets a month. Now their paid marketing agency gets a constant flow of video assets to leverage in their ad account.

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The Result

Since sourcing content through Ties the HOLOS team has been able to lower their customer acquisition cost by 20% and increase ad spend. Without stretching their team too thin with bandwidth, HOLOS built a content pipeline that now requires very little time to manage.

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