How FitXR grew their TikTok following with Ties
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Key Takeaways

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FitXR's TikTok

FitXR used ties to launch their TikTok page, partnering with 2 creators and 1 video editor to create mixed reality content that features their in-game experience

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Explosive TikTok Growth

Started with 40 followers on TikTok and have grown to over 9,400 followers in four months

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30 Platform-Sourced Assets

30 assets sourced through the platform

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Ties makes everything very simple for me on the brand side and for the creators as well. I love how straightforward the platform is.

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Leyla Najafli

Senior Social Media Manager, FitXR


FitXR is a fitness technology company working at the cutting edge of VR. FitXR is one of the top-downloaded apps on the Meta Quest store. With a mission to impact more lives than any other fitness company, and build a healthier world for everyone their team knew how important educating consumers would be.

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The Challenge

FitXR’s social media team led by Lisa Raggiri & Leyla Najafli set out to build their organic TikTok page. They came to Ties asking how to generate enough content to post every day and grow followers while featuring their unique experience as a fitness app for the Meta Quest.

The Solution

FitXR set up recurring partnerships with UGC content creators and a video editor through Ties. Their content production team consistently produces content for FitXR to post across TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

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The Result

The FitXR team started with 40 followers on TikTok and has grown to over 9,400 followers during their first 90 days on Ties. Check out (and follow 😉) their page here.

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